Give up a little bit of our sovereignty to make the world work

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Former Canadian Prime Minister, ‘give up a little bit of our sovereignty to make the world work’
Wise Up Journal


This short clip is from footage that aired on CPAC (Cable Public Affairs Channel), February 10th 2009. The CPAC overlay on the video is titled, “Ottawa, Global Governance and the Future of the G20“. Former Canadian Prime Minister (2003-2006), Paul Martin, said, “What is going to happen when a Chinese hedge fund goes under? And the results of that tsunami don’t stop at the Chinese or Indian border [….] Who is going to deal with that unless we are prepared to understand that in fact we are all going to give up a little bit of our sovereignty to make the world work. I hope that is also something that the G20 comes to deal with. So those are the issues I got to deal with. I think that we are really at the beginning of a very different era. 1944 the great minds of the world, Dexter White, John Maynard Keynes and a bunch, essential laid the foundations Bretton Woods institutions and the United Nations. And they built a system that functioned for over 50 to 60 years. I think that it’s time to renew that vision. [….] I think we’ve got to take it one step further.

The video below shows the EU calling for a ‘New World Governance’. You can see Sarkozy (French President holding EU Presidency at the time) and Barroso (EU Commission President) coming out and calling for the setup of a “New World Governance”, “New Global Order”, “Global Governance” and that crises’ are the perfect time to lead the public into it, order out of chaos….



Video shows Sarkozy and Barroso calling for a “New World Order”, “New World Governance”, “New Global Order”.

The EU and globalists are determined to use crisis’ to setup the final stages of what they call the “New World Order”.

CNN: “Barroso outlined no specific proposals but said a solution needed to be based on transparency, responsibility, cross-border supervision and global governance”

Least we forget with a crisis there is always a silver lining for the elite few historically against the general publics interests and rights. The current banking chaos lead the global banking elites profits being guaranteed by the tax payers and lends to global leaders calling for a restructuring and centralisation of the global financial system and currencies.

European Central Bank council member Ewald Nowotny said a tri-polar global currency system is developing between Asia, Europe and the U.S. and that hes skeptical the U.S. dollars centrality can be revived.

Watch End Of Nations

Watch EndGame


“Never waste a good crisis” – Hillary Clinton


US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visits the European Parliament in Brussels for a “town hall” meeting with “young Europeans”. During the meeting Clinton answering a question on global warming Clinton explains how this relates to the financial crisis saying, “I’m actually excited by this opportunity. I’m very well aware we are not yet through this economic crisis. But you know, we have the chief of staff for president Obama was/is an old friend of mine and my husband’s and was in the white house when Bill was there and he said ‘do you know never waste a good crisis’. And when it comes to the economic crisis don’t waste it, when it can have a very positive impact on climate change and energy security. And that is what we are trying to do.”

The Telegraph
By Christopher Booker

“How odd that, last Monday, none of our media global warming groupies should have bothered to report what was billed to be ‘the largest ever demonstration for civil disobedience over climate change’. There was talk of hundreds of thousands of protestors converging on Washington to hear Jim Hansen, the scientist who talks of coal-fired power stations as ‘factories of death’, call yet again for all coal plants to be closed. Perhaps the lack of coverage was due to the fact that, before Hansen arrived to address a forlorn group of several hundred hippies, Washington was blanketed in nearly a foot of snow.

“It was generally another bad week for the warmists. The Met Office, which has been one of the chief pushers of the global warming scare for 20 years, had to admit that this has been ‘Britain’s coldest winter for 13 years’, despite its prediction last September that the winter would be ‘milder than average’. This didn’t of course stop it predicting that 2009 will be one of ‘the top-five warmest years on record’. ”

“for whom the predictions of the UK Met Office have become a regular source of amusement, recalled its forecast that 2007 would be ‘the warmest year on record globally’, just before global temperatures dived by nearly a full degree Celsius, cancelling out the entire net warming of the past 100 years.”


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Former Canadian Prime Minister, ‘give up a little bit of our sovereignty to make the world work’ (Video)

EU Calls For ‘New World Governance’ (video) *


A Constitutional Guide to the Political Groups in the European Parliament



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