Sheeple: Why They Are The Way They Are…

Monday, May 10, 2010

By Giordano Bruno

Neithercorp Press

For years, perhaps even decades, the Liberty Movement or elements of it have been waging a relentless and arduous battle; a painful and sometimes demoralizing struggle with no end in sight. This battle has consumed some people’s lives with few victories to speak of, making them bitter and indifferent to the fate of their fellow man. I speak not of our fight with Global Elites bent on centralized control of every country in the world, but of our fight with the average know-nothing American; our next door neighbor, our fellow employees on the job, even our own family members. The very same people we have recently come to term “Sheeple.”

Part Of The Herd

For people in the Liberty Movement who are privy to so much background knowledge of world events, it is often tempting to immediately label those people who have not yet been exposed to the facts as “Sheeple,” but this is not always the case. At one point or another, every one of us in the movement were completely unaware of the big picture, or had only a very vague impression of what Globalists were and how they manipulate the political and financial underpinnings of our society. Were we also Sheeple? If not, then what set us apart from others who did not take the initiative to learn more?

The fact is, it takes more than simply “not knowing” to be a part of the herd. It takes a special kind of willful ignorance.

When members of the Liberty Movement were first confronted with the reality of the “New World Order” (termed by global elitists, not us), we perhaps scoffed at first, but our intuition told us to look deeper, and we listened. Sheeple, on the other hand, are people who are confronted with the truth consistently, perhaps even daily, yet make the internal decision to ignore it, to block it out completely, to consciously make the decision that they will not even consider the possibility of the information’s validity. In psychology this level of denial is often associated with mild to very severe forms of mental illness, and in a sense, that’s exactly what Sheeple suffer from. Let’s examine further…

Did You Build Your Own World View, Or Was It Made For You?

Do you actively participate in the expansion of your own world view, or do you just parrot the talking points you hear on your favorite television news channel? Take honest note of what opinions you express and how you express them. How often do you repeat word for word what you hear from others? How often do you say only what you think other people want to hear? How often do you actually formulate your own conclusions on a subject based on facts you researched for yourself, instead of heard from someone else?

The problem is that many American’s are barely involved in the making of their own perspective, and this reflects a complete lack of interest in their own self awareness. In order to create one’s own world view, one must take interest in himself. This sounds vain, but taking interest in ones self also includes one’s failings and weaknesses; a frightening prospect for some people. Many decide that the pursuit of self knowledge is either too much work, or too painful to face, and instead choose the “path of least resistance,” become apathetic, and allow their environment to tell them who they are and what they believe. This creates a level of suggestivity akin to hypnosis, and the results on a mass scale can be horrifying. In a society of apathy, whoever controls the expressed world view of the general environment controls the world view of the people in it. The Mainstream Media accomplishes this task spectacularly.

World view is a powerful psychological force. When it is allowed to set in stone, it can make a person wildly blind to the obvious. They could be confronted with the most irrefutable of facts, but if these facts lay too far outside their established opinion, their minds seize, as if mustering against invasion. Reactions can become visibly absurd, or even violent. When the presentation of solid information without malicious intent causes a person to actually feel physically threatened to the point of unchecked rage or clownish indignance, something in their psyche is highly imbalanced. Yet, society often treats this way of dealing with information as almost “normal”…

Positivism: Playing Hopscotch On The Way To Oblivion

Another mass producer of sheep-like people is a movement that is incredibly pervasive in recent decades yet rarely identified or subjected to honest examination. It goes by many names but I often refer to it as the “positivist movement.” Positivism* is touted by hundreds of self help gurus, personal finance advisers, health and diet yogis, and even politicians (Barack Obama). It is actually a twisted branch of the New Age Movement that sprang from the strange and spiritually awkward recesses of the Theosophical Society (an elitist organization). The Theosophists stole the idea from Zen Buddhism, and horribly misinterpreted it for Western audiences. A more visible outcropping of this system can be seen in the UN recognized religion of “Bahai” (also an elitist supported organization):

Its basic driving force is the belief that “positivity” is not only a psychological state, but a world view with sociological implications, upon which, a successful and meaningful life is built. Negative environmental situations were considered a “matter of perspective,” and thus subject to our state of mind. That is to say, positivists believe that if a bad situation exists in your life, instead of trying to fix it, you should “change how you look at it”. Obviously, this would not work so well for an Afghan family facing a predator drone bombing, or a Holocaust victim in an internment camp. Changing one’s “perspective” alone does very little to help the abhorrent nature of the situation. Whenever I hear the argument for Positivism, I think of the final scene in Monty Python’s “Life of Brian,” when the hero is nailed to a wooden cross while other victims sing “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life”.

The problem with Positivism is its assumption that there is no “ideal state,” that there is no point of balance, because we make everything up as we go along. This comes from the theory of the “Blank Slate” (long proven incorrect), which says that human beings are born devoid of any inherent knowledge or faculties. If we are blank slates, they argue, then there is no such thing as a “bad situation,” because we have no point of reference to judge whether something is bad or good. Therefore, they claim, all environmental situations are subject to your “perspective,” and as long as you believe a situation is “good” or “not negative,” then it will be so.

The psychologist Carl Jung proved beyond a doubt that the blank slate theory was absolutely inapplicable through his work on Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious. He found that indeed there are many inherent psychological values and properties given to us at our very birth. These qualities included the capability for good (balanced), and evil (aberrant) behavior, as well as conscience, which helps us to determine which is which. Where these psychological properties come from is not yet known, but the fact remains that they exist. Because we have inborn oppositions (called “dualities”) in our psyches at birth, this means that there is a “point of reference” for positive and negative situations in our environment. When the reality of this is understood, the entire philosophy of Positivism comes crashing down.

Jung laughed and sometimes despaired at the ridiculous mish mash of philosophies the Theosophical Society threw together and marketed as their own “ancient wisdom”:

“I am convinced that the growing impoverishment of symbols has a meaning. It is a development that has an inner consistency. Everything that we have not thought about, and that has therefore been deprived of a meaningful connection with our developing consciousness, has got lost. If we now try to cover our nakedness with the gorgeous trappings of the East, as the Theosophists do, we would be playing our own history false. A man does not sink down to beggary only to pose afterwards as an Indian potentate. It seems to me that it would be far better stoutly to avow our spiritual poverty, our symbol-lessness (*of Western Culture*), instead of feigning a legacy to which we are not the legitimate heirs at all.”

Carl Jung, Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious

What Jung is saying here is, the Theosophists, and the New Agers, have stolen belief systems from other cultures that their groups simply do not have the capacity to understand or relate to, and then applied them to our own culture in a slapdash manner. This is how we get strange movements like Positivism, which purports that we are all “blank slates” and there is no “right and wrong” yet at the same time argues that there is such a thing as Karma, and the collective unconscious, that we Realists ruin with our “negative vibes.” The beliefs are completely contradictory, yet in the mind of a Positivist, it is the ultimate wisdom.

The danger of Positivism is its ability to make people apathetic to tyranny and prone to Collectivism, or rejection of the individual. If tyranny is just a “perspective” which you can change simply by adapting how you relate to it, then why fight it? The terror of freedom-lessness is all in our minds….right?

The opposite of this would be the Realist’s position; that there are in fact many imbalances in the world as determined by our conscience, which is inborn. That we should never fail in pointing out these imbalances, regardless of whether or not this seems negative to positivists, so that we may then do something about them. We do not bow to the environment that others create for us. If it does not support the ideals of justice, honor, and truth, then it must be changed, not us.

The mistake often made by positivists is their accusation that by focusing on the negative in the world, Realists promote pessimism. However, pointing out what is wrong with society and the world is only pessimistic if you believe nothing can be done about it, which is actually what positivists believe. Realists know that something can be done about it. Ironically, if anyone has a nihilistic view of the world, it is the positivist, who thinks he can do nothing about his circumstances, and hopes against hope that his forced smiles and fabricated joy will somehow help him ignore his dire situation.

The Idiocy Of “Intellectuals”

In the documentary “Manufacturing Consent,” Noam Chomsky talks about the “Professional Class,” the top 10% of educated people in the U.S., and how they are the most indoctrinated of all classes. He said that the establishment used the Graduate and Ivy League School apparatus as a sort of brainwashing laboratory, in which doctors, lawyers, and scientists, would be force-fed a carefully prepared diet of elitist propaganda which they would accept without question as un-erring truth. They would exit their studies believing themselves keepers of the historical direction of our age, and far superior in intellect to those not a part of their “exclusive” education. Indoctrinating the professional class was a simple way for the Elites to control a population, because the rest of us are taught to turn to the professional class for all our answers. By scripting the world view of only 10% of educated Americans, they could control the world view of the rest of the country.

Of course, Chomsky forgot to include himself in this assessment, and he is just as much an unwitting victim of elitist propaganda as any other person in the professional class, as his completely irresponsible and illogical comments on the pursuit of a new investigation into 9/11 show. Basically, his argument is that the powers elites derived from the 9/11 attacks are merely a side benefit which they “took advantage of” but that there is no evidence that they created the event to gain these benefits (which has been proven thoroughly incorrect by numerous scientific “professionals” not beholden to the system). He also claims that even if it was engineered by the elites, it doesn’t matter and is of no significance:

The illusion inherent in the professional class is that they “know more” than the rest of us. That they have access to knowledge we could never understand. But the reality is, all knowledge is available to anyone willing to look for it and learn it. The laws of physics, the laws of biology, the laws of society, are available to EVERYONE, not just a select few. Globalist puppets and shills often use the argument that we (the uneducated dregs) should “listen to the experts” when it comes to subjects such as 9/11, the private Federal Reserve, swine flu, the economic collapse, etc. Essentially, they are saying we should put all our “faith” in these individuals, and leave the truth to the professionals. However, being that these professionals are the most indoctrinated people on the planet, whose entire world view has been shaped by the establishment, they are in fact the last people we should be turning to for our information. Not to mention, not all professionals agree on every topic. Ironically, when a professional comes out against the establishment, they are immediately labeled as “not professional or knowledgeable”. This video of the makers of Loose Change utterly destroying the editors of Popular Mechanics in a fair debate illustrates quite nicely the Intellectual Sheep Syndrome at work:

The truth exists for everyone, but the only way for everyone to attain it, is to find it for themselves. Sheep leading sheep is not the way to enlightenment, but disaster.

The Fight Continues

The Liberty Movement has made incredible strides in the past couple years, and our numbers have grown rapidly in a very short period. The fight to educate the masses remains an uphill battle, but our perseverance is finally paying off. We must be careful in unwarranted generalizations, labeling anyone not aware of the facts as “Sheeple,” for this is not always the reality. There are still many out there in the world simply on the fence. They need more information, more effort than others, but conscience directs that it is our job as those who know the truth to warn those who don’t. True Sheeple may try to obstruct our progress, but this has been going on for years and they have not stopped us yet. Take comfort in this fact, and ask yourself; How could they possibly stop us now…?

*Special Note: The term “Positivism” used in this article should not be confused with Comte’s “philosophy of Positivism,” which has similarities and parallels, but does not contain the New Agey happy-go-lucky fruit filling like the Positivism we examine here. Thanks for your attention, and thanks for visiting us here at Neithercorp.

from: Neithercorp


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