Pillage and Genocide

Monday, September 26, 2011

1. The global economic crisis started in 2008, caused by the actions of the Wall Street thugs. (the Lehman Brothers’ bank collapse)

2. Greece had no problem borrowing in 2009.

3. Before the November 2009 elections, Karamanlis (the previous prime minister) had asked for Papandreou’s cooperation to some austerity measures. He refused.

4. Papandreou wins the elections with the slogan: “There is money”.

5. After (or even before) the elections Papandreou was secretly meeting with IMF chief Strauss-Kahn so he can get Greece under the IMF. Strauss-Kahn admitted he was being pressured but he was unsure if the EU will accept the IMF to be a player in the Eurozone.

6. Critical months went by without announcing any kind of austerity measures. How can this be, when Papandreou is already having secret meetings with the IMF?

7. At the same time, Papandreou and his officials were slandering Greeks in the EU by crying “Greeks are corrupt” and by creating unnecessary panic about the state of the Greek economy.

8. Late 2009 – early 2010. Greece can still borrow with low interest, but the new Greek government’s “experts” avoid doing that. Why should they?

9. Wall Street financial services companies and international banks including German banks picked up and amplified the panic creating a situation with the Greek bond CDSs.

10. The (privately owned) “Bank of Greece” had recently increased the time limit allowed for speculation on the CDSs so that the speculators can go wild. Greek bond CDSs reached incredible highs.

11. Papandreou pressures the EU to provide financial help by “threatening” to go for an IMF solution outside the EU.

12. This phony dilemma was staged because he had promised Strauss-Kahn to bring the IMF into the EU. This solution was also convenient for Germany because that way the IMF could enforce stricter “austerity” measures without having the EU leaders looking bad.

13. After many phony negotiations meant to fool the public, a joint EU-IMF solution is announced.

14. IMF austerity measures literally kill the Greek economy and result in very low revenues.

15. “Bailouts” are arranged in payments only after blackmailing ensures more and more insane “austerity” measures.

16. 2011: Unemployment increases, businesses close down, nobody spends money, revenues drop even more and everything is worse than in 2010.

17. All bailout money goes directly towards loans of private banks and/or interest due.

18. Greece is forced to transfer almost full ownership to the EU and the IMF to sell all public assets, resources and everything they can get their hands on. Additional “austerity” is demanded from the Greek people. They react to total enslavement and protest.

19. Debt increases exponentially because their measures have stopped most economic activity just like in Argentina and most countries IMF was installed. They have publicly admitted that their measures have failed. So why do they continue on the same path?

20. June 29 2011. The abomination known as “middle term agreement” is voted, while international bankers, European leaders (and many European citizens) want more and more blood. Greeks hope they can somehow please their bloodthirsty instincts.

Y (July 1 2011)

“There is money”
G.Papandreou (before the Oct 2009 elections)

“The budget problem threatens our national sovereignty, for the first time since 1974.”
G.Papandreou (Dec 10, 2009)

“We need global governance, global financial governance, and we need it fast”. G.Papandreou (April 29, 2010)

Euro zone integration must progress and states requiring aid must be prepared to give up some of their sovereignty to the European Union, Germany’s finance minister was cited as saying in Stern magazine.
“Integration must progress and a state with problems that receives aid must in return give up some of its sovereignty to the EU,” Schaeuble said. (Wed Jul 27, 2011, Reuters)

There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.
John Adams 1735-1826

John Perkins, author of “Confessions of An Economic Hit Man”:

We economic hit men really have been the ones responsible for creating this first truly global empire, and we work many different ways…but perhaps the most common is that we will identify a country that has resources that our corporations covet, like oil, and then arrange a huge loan to that country from the World Bank or one of its sister organizations. But the money never actually goes to the country…instead it goes to our big corporations to build infrastructure projects in that country-power plants, industrial parks, ports-things that benefit a few rich people in that country, in addition to our corporations-but really don`t help the majority of the people at all…however those people, the whole country, is left holding a huge debt. Its such a big debt that they can`t repay it, and that`s part of the plan, that they can`t repay it. And so at some point we economic hit men go back to them and say listen, you owe us a lot of money, can`t pay your debts, so, sell your oil real cheap to our oil companies…allow us to build a military base in your country…or, send troops in support of ours to someplace in the world, like Iraq…or vote with us on the next U.N. vote…to have their electric utility company privatized, and their water and sewage system privatized, and sold to US corporations or other multinational corporations. So there was a whole mushrooming thing, and it`s so typical of the way that the IMF and the World Bank work: they put a country in debt, in such a big debt it can`t pay it, and then you offer to refinance that debt, and pay even more interest, and you demand this quid pro quo which you call a “conditionality” or “good governance” which means basically that they`ve got to sell off their resources, including many of their social services; their utility companies; their school systems sometimes; their penal systems; their insurance systems, to foreign corporations. So its a double, triple, quadruple whammy.